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143 Day of Kindness

Parents in Toto has spent 14 years with the address “143!” We think it gives us a special chance to grow kindness each and every day. AND WE HAVE! We have grown and expanded and made so many new friends. We have reached out, served others and brought the kindness. 

We encourage you to find creative ways to do that in your day-to-day life. We compiled links and resources to carry out ideas here!

Please keep Toto in mind when giving to local charities. Every size donation helps us to give back to the community through support groups, outreach projects and mental and social health support in the community.

Monthly sponsors of Toto programs help to ensure that our group support programs are consistent and funded. When you donate to us, our small and mighty center impacts a larger circle in our community.

We invite you to become a Toto sponsor or supporter! Every dollar donated ensures we continue to deliver impactful support groups and social opportunities. You can have a huge impact in our community. 

When you shop on Amazon this season, you can also make an impact in our non-profit! Choose us as your Smile recipient. Every purchase makes a small donation to Toto. Go here: smile.amazon.com/change and then type in Parents in Toto

We have ongoing needs at the center and always appreciate when a donation shows up: Our Amazon Wish List

Thank you for any support!

You can often find ways to help your neighbors on the spur of the moment this time of year! If you don’t know your neighbors well enough to walk over and offer to help, here are some awesome organizations that you or your teens can sign up to participate in and find those in need! 

Getting to know your neighbors is a piece of cake- or a plate full of cookies!

Here are some simple recipes that you can use to let your neighbors know you’re thinking of them this year: 

Not able to bake? Ask a local baker or bakery for a large tray that you can divide and share!

Donate to local free stores: When you pass on your gently used items, you are giving back to your community in multiple ways.

Food insecurity is a challenge in our area. One in 5 people in Pittsburgh face food insecurity. Of these, 40,000+ are children. Here are some ways to help.

Want to find someone local to you in need of a meal?

Remember those who have just had life changes, are limited in their abilities or who you want to support. Who doesn’t love a surprise of a meal that they didn’t have to plan or make? 

Check out our new program here at Toto: TLC in Toto We are excited to be able to make an impact in our local community helping those in need. Please nominate, volunteer or donate!


Check out Lasagna Love: https://www.lasagnalove.org/

As always, Toto appreciates your support in fundraising and furthering our impact in the community. Check out all that we have to offer in our programs and support coming fundraisers such as the Toto Thon 2022!

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