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Did you know that in Latin, “in Toto” means in “total”, “altogether”, “totally”? We know that we are better together. And that includes you! When everyone makes their contribution, whether near or far, all together we have a BIG IMPACT. Your support helps us to create impactful connections for even more families in Toto.

It’s the perfect time for change and growth. You can help make that a reality. 

As we reflect on our organization’s growth in the past 13 years, we ask you to partner with us as we keep growing. 

Parents in Toto Autism Resource Center opened its doors in 2008 to groups and community support for families living with autism. Located in the center of the main downtown corridor in Zelienople, PA, we have been able to meet the needs of a community longing for connection. Our mission is to empower all people living with autism by providing a community where they can access resources and connect through social programs and educational events.

Throughout the changes with the Covid-19 pandemic, we continue to maintain our programming AND expand it. Through our virtual groups we’ve widened our reach, met the need for connection and fostered special interests including creative writing, cooking and relaxation. Your regular support keeps this lasting impact.

In 2021, we are expanding this mission to serve a wider community and new populations. Along with our autism support programs we will begin offering support groups for new moms in the first months and years their of parenting experience. Moms can sign up here! 

This important transition time for families benefits from communityempowerment, and support– all elements of Toto’s existing goals. 

As we welcome new moms into virtual and in-person groups, your designated support will make the new Empowering Mom program and all Toto supports sustainable and successful.


When you become a regular monthly donor, you will receive an anniversary gift each year based on these levels: 
  • For $5 a month- skipping a coffee- you can help support an attendee at a monthly group! Supporters receive an art print.
  • When you contribute $10-15 a month- the cost of a lunch out- you help us send a monthly care package and cover the cost of our Zoom membership. Supporters receive a tote bag.
  • For the cost of a family meal out between $25 and $50 a month, you can help stock the center’s coffee and snacks and support our weekly support groups! Supporters receive a mug.
  • Contributors over $75 a month ($900 + annually) will be honored on a physical plaque at the center and through additional forums.
  • Every contribution leaves lasting impact! 

All monthly donors receive exclusive access and emails to Behind Toto. We will share fun stories, planning insight, photos behind the scenes, and exclusive programming updates with our supporters, because you will be a part of our team!

Parents in Toto will support a wider community through virtual and in person programming. We invite you to explore our Facebook Page, share it and help us spread the word. 

Community support helps small non-profits have a big impact. And there are more than financial donations that help to grow Toto.

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  • Send an email to your family and friends to encourage giving tax deductible donations this time of year to help Parents in Toto grow in 2021. 
  • Choose to use the Smile program when you shop at Amazon and select Parents in Toto as your non-profit!
  • Let us know your Toto testimonial success so we can share it and spread the word!

More about what a difference Toto is making To come! 

We are making a difference each day. You make a difference with your support. 

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