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Find Silver Linings

On March 13, 2020, Parents in Toto held our last in person support group before temporarily closing its doors to visitors and our individuals living with autism who we care so much about.  We experienced much sadness and reflection with this. And wanted to do better to stay optimistic and make the best of a difficult situation. As of March 25, four weekly virtual support groups began with modest participation and have developed into overwhelming results of connection, laughter and sharing.

By looking for the silver lining in everything we do, we can endure the challenges that will pass and become even stronger together than before. Will you join us?

Use the hashtags, tag Parents in Toto and post to our page!

We ask you to join with us in our Facebook Campaign to be #ApartinToto : 50 States in 50 Days and spread hope!

Did you know that “In Toto” means “all together” or “in total.” We may be apart but we are all doing it together to support one another.

We need your help to see how far and wide we can reach virtually while we all “Stay Home. Stay Safe.” Please reach out to your families in collaboration with Toto and ask them to share #mysilverlining. Our goal is to hear from all 50 states and beyond within the next 50 days! To be a part of our ambitious campaign, follow our progress, like our page and please share our mission with anyone you know throughout the world! No donation is necessary, although, as you are critically aware, the additional support will most certainly help.

Your encouragement is appreciated by Parents in Toto and our community.

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