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Toto adapts during COVID-19

Join our virtual groups and share your silver linings

We are excited to announce and continue to expand the Parents in Toto FREE virtual group schedule. Beginning Saturday, March 14, Parents in Toto temporarily halted in-person visits, support groups and guests. You can sign up HERE to get emailed invitations to our regular support groups and HERE for our special summer groups including cooking at home, creative writing and relaxation skills.

We know how important social connection is. We also know how important it is to mindfully and practically protect the health of our group attendees and center drop-in visits. As we follow the CDC guidelines and help minimize the spread of COVID-19, the novel corona virus, we can still be together. Our groups provide connection, interaction and support while we all process the changing social situation. Parents in Toto strives to continue to meet the needs of the community. Attendees do not have to have attended groups in the past.

Share your Silver Lining with us

As we seek to continue to find positive ways to support others we also want to encourage others to seek out silver linings. The challenges that we are facing with the current changes in social interactions and day to day life can be overwhelming. They can also provide opportunity. Please share the opportunities that you have found with us through email or on Facebook. We are combining this with a campaign to raise funds for our organization as well as spread positivity.

Use safe hygiene, emotional management and social supports

For more than a decade, Parents in Toto has been promoting a welcoming and protective space for all of us to feel empowered and thrive. Our staff has continually refined and improved our environment to protect and provide comfort for our visitors. The center was renovated a few years ago with a grant from the Edith L. Trees Charitable Trust to replace air conditioners, ceiling fans, furniture and install durable flooring. This also includes the way we maintain and improve our cleaning process, how we sanitize toys, doorknobs and handles and how we respond if a visitor is in crisis. 

The CDC recommends consistent hand washing, avoiding touching your face and limiting physical proximity. This is a great opportunity to brush up on the best practices for clean hands and limiting the spread of germs. Make sure to wash the tips of fingers and palms of hands.

In the current environment, it’s especially important for all of us to consider ways to keep healthy and stay in touch with our friends at Toto. That’s why we want to keep you up to date on the situation with COVID-19 (the coronavirus) and the steps Krystin, Kelley, Megan and Mary are taking to ensure your health and safety. Here are some of our ideas for physical and mental health support:

Stay real. Talk to trusted friends and family if you need help understanding what is true. Krystin

Keep healthy.  Eat your vegetables. Wash your hands. Stay home if you are coughing, sneezing or have trouble breathing or a fever. Essential oils can help with mood and wellness. Megan

Smile. Do your best to keep a positive attitude. Call a Toto friend. Create… draw a cartoon, make up jokes, and write in a journal. Mary

Contact Toto. The center will be closed to guests beginning Saturday, March 14. Contact us through email or Facebook, Twitter or by phone. Let us know if you need anything! Kelley

If you or your family member is feeling heightened anxiety you might need to reflect on coping skills that have helped in the past that are able to be used today. Here is a suggestion of ideas and tools for you. Parents in Toto is here for you and we look forward to finding ways to be connected.

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