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Future Fun

This week in Young Adult Group, we caught a case of the sillies, and it’s been wonderful! We decided to use our collective imaginations and made a plan for a fantastical future at Parents in Toto. In this imaginary timeline, Parents in Toto is an apartment building. Group members get to live in the building in their own apartments and everyone gets a role in the building’s community. Throughout several different groups this week, anyone who wanted to participate would pick their special interest or skill and make a job out of it in the imaginary apartment building. I am so pleased to share with you the titles of the jobs already taken in the building, I hope they make you chuckle as much as they did us:

  1. Pharaoh of the Written Word: This role includes running the community library in the apartment complex and producing the apartment newsletter called “The Custom Chronicle”.
  2. Head Chef
  3. Dessert King: Specializes in chocolates
  4. Birthday Commissioner and Head Building Communicator
  5. Official Apartment Video Game Tester
  6. Animal Inventor: First animal invented is a Pigcat
  7. Head of Video Game Releases and Recommendations
  8. Minister of Foreign Affairs: Listens to a lot of K-Pop and speaks Russian conversationally
  9. Field Trip Bus Driver and Goat Expert
  10. Official CB Radio Operator and Beaver County Housing Authority Rep
  11. Master Electrician
  12. Brony and Yu-Gi-Oh Duelist and Collector of Cards
  13. Pet Provider
  14. Resources, Events and Outings Director (that’s me!)
  15. Official Animal Petter and Hugger
  16. Director of Arts and Entertainment: This role includes interior design, singing, ventriloquism, dancing and painting.
  17. Tsar of Smash Related Advisement for the Nintendo Switch
  18. President of Numbers
  19. Overseer of Archaic Collections: Focus on old cameras and Ancient Texts
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