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Good Grief!

Good Grief!

As a new operator of a Minecraft realm, I am completely out of my element. I connected with several of Toto’s more Minecraft savvy individuals and asked for advice. And, boy, did I receive! I now know a little about mobs, tradeable commodities, mining, villagers and forging swords! The most impactful thing I learned, however, is somewhat less tangible. Over and over, I heard stories of “griefing” and its impact on players. For us newbies, “griefing”, according to the BBC, is “when someone damages a person’s buildings, sets harmful traps, or steals all of their items on purpose.” In other words, “griefing” is bullying. It ruins the fun of players being targeted and makes them not want to play. I asked how could I, a novice realm operator, avoid this common problem. And, thanks to the thoughtfulness of the participants I asked, we were able to come up with a solution! We agreed that in a realm geared toward fun, creativity and positive social growth the following rule should, and shall, apply:

  1. Consensual interactions only between players and each other’s environments and properties.

Hopefully, this boundary will help us both in and out of the world of Minecraft by reminding us that its ok to set limits and ask for what we need!

If you want to know more about consent, please visit: https://www.safesecurekids.org/teaching-consent

The following are 5 strategies that will help someone cope with cyberbullying in a more constructive way. Tell a trusted adult to help you process what is going on. Don’t seek revenge to right a wrong. Report the incident to the service provider. Block communication from the bully. Maintain positive online safety habits by. creating strong passwords and avoid sharing. private information.
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