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Book Nook

Stop in and check out our small but mighty book nook. We have an extensive collection of books about all aspects of Autism and related conditions. You’re welcome to hunker down on a couch or grab a table while you read, relax, and learn something new.

Community Resources

Need information and contacts? Whether diagnostic and medical or community and other assistance – we can share with you our many connections to resources in Pittsburgh and the surrounding areas. And our center maintains a robust supply of magazines and brochures as well as business cards from local professionals who serve the Autism community.

Sensory Room

Spend some time in our sensory haven! Dive into bean bags, pile on stuffed animals, and chill out with our bubble tube. This is truly one of the most beloved spaces here at Toto! We invite you to come experience it for yourself!

Toto's Authors

Check out some of these Toto-recommended reads by local and national authors…

INSPIRE: Women’s Stories of Accomplishment, Encouragement and Influence is a uniquely empowering collaborative book that features the individual stories of twenty-five dynamic women who share their experiences and emotions that contributed their inspired lives of change and contribution.

Mary Limbacher, founder and executive director of Parents in Toto, contributes her story in lucky chapter number thirteen of how her life circumstances came together to give her the unique gifts it takes to open and operate a safe-haven for autism families.

Proceeds from book sales benefit Toto!

Living in Technicolor: An autistic’s thoughts on raising a child with autism will not give you a step-by-step on raising your child. What it will do is offer the unique perspective of one autistic young woman, how she thinks and what she believes, and it will give you her ideas about how to help your child feel understood as an individual on the spectrum.

Autistic Writes is a short collection of more creative pieces that convey the feelings of sensory overload, friendships, and other aspects of living on the spectrum.

Lydia Wayman is an autistic advocate, speaker, and writer. She has her B.S. in Elementary Education and her M.A. in English and creative writing. She is also a Young Leader with the Autistic GlobalInitiative.

Emma the Giraffe is the story of a young giraffe who sees the world differently than her animal peers. Emma really wants a friend who understands her. Emma has Autism.

Sheryl Yeager is the owner of the greeting card business, Autistic Impressions. As an adult living with autism, she enjoys depicting animals because they are not judgmental or intimidating in her art. Often the expressive quality of her work reflects her inner emotions and concerns. She is thankful to have the ability to express herself through art.

C.I.T. Counselor in Trouble: And So It Begins

C.I.T. Counselor in Trouble: Our Campfire Horror Stories

C.I.T. Counselor in Trouble: Uproar at Uppity Peninsula

Kimberly Gayle Bingham is a local artist, author, and performer. During her childhood, Kim wrote her own books using colored pencils, paper, and a stapler. She loved comic books, and she liked to make her own comic strips. In 2013, Kim had finished her first graphic novel, C.I.T. Counselor in Trouble. The series continues to evolve!

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