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Without a Mute Button

Without a Mute Button

The comfort and control that a mute button gives us is often taken for granted. Especially by those who are less bothered by repetitive noises, loud sounds or chaos. I am such a person who’s anxiety is spiked by loud, sudden sounds. Many of the participants in our Zoom meetings have expressed similar auditory sensitivity. This week, I discovered that a lot of us have found ways to cope with life without a mute button and I wanted to share some of what I discovered!

  1. Ear plugs, noise cancelling headphones and noise minimizing headphones reign supreme. Nearly everyone identified times when they were in a loud situation or expecting a loud situation and used either ear plugs or headphones to manage the moment. Top recommendations came for wax swimming ear plugs for a discreet look and blue tooth headphones that play preferred sounds for some enjoyment while blocking out unwanted noise.
  2. Getting some space. This could mean stepping outside for some fresh air, taking a few minutes in the restroom or simply finding a quiet hallway. Leaving the noise behind for five minutes can give fresh perspective and time to adjust.
  3. Asking for what you need. This seemed to be the lease preferred method and it’s understandable as to why. It’s not always easy to speak up and be heard while coping with a loud or repetitive sound, but it’s always ok to ask for what you need.

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